Monday, February 7, 2011

Magpie #52

 from across the street

we've sat across one another for years;
you, always green
me, always gray.

I sit and wonder about
the trimming of your lawn
about the condition of your bath.

how we've stood through better times.
but it is not proper to discuss these things
until we've grown at least this old.

 - Hoc Scripsi

image courtesy of Magpie tales #52
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  1. Devilishly amusing. Liked it a lot. Goes with the photo too.

  2. Very inventive Jhon. I wonder what the house across the street from me thinks about my place...

  3. Love the double meaning, love this piece.

  4. This is definitely another one for your future publications.
    I can really appreciate the flow, and can almost hear you reading it. I think this speaks to how well it is written...

  5. Simple and complicated, a difficult combination to achieve.

  6. Love the way your humanize the homes. Made me consider my relationship with my neighbors, too. Nice write.

  7. This is great. I love the personification of the house. Nice.

  8. On opposite sides of the fence, perhaps...

  9. Never a good idea to discuss the condition of one's bath at least not until you are eighty or so. Clever poem, I enjoyed it tremendously.

  10. Confrontational - people and houses!

  11. One of you should knock...perhaps..the sense of waiting, wondering, is palpable..really smart!

  12. Love the breath you give to this house and its inhabitants.....bkm

  13. I love it when a poem comes clean but ambiguous.

  14. With age comes wisdom, candor ... great Magpie!

  15. Am loving this poem, Jhon. (and just discovered your line-up of typewriters. My mother owned a Black Selectric where I wrote my one and so-far-only short story.
    And I spent some years at various miserable jobs typing at Tan Selectrics....god, how I hated them, and the menial work (when only women "typed," and before both sexes "keyed.")


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