Sunday, January 16, 2011

while in a diner some months ago

late or early


some people are indifferent

to the early morning hours



but, we’re singing.


serenading the stars,

wooing the moon;

without sleep or

the song

            of song birds.

only the chatter of


               animals and


shuffling along the


regardless of it being

early or late.

 - Hoc Scripsi 

recently there was a poem of mine in Madswirl and if you haven't been there to check it out - Go Now! Second from the bottom -       


  1. I will always choose a diner over a restaurant..

    Great poem and I love the handwriting..

    (PS- how do you put those tags thingys at the bottom of your poem, ie: coffee, diners, etc)

  2. The first poem of yours I've read and I'm hooked. Lured out to wander those dim poet's hours before dawn.

  3. love the handwriting along with the piece... use to write only mainly you still write everything out longhand?

    Now you have me thinking about those last three words... your opinion it should be left open at the end? bkm

  4. Lynne, thank you - and - there should be an option for that at the bottom of the posting page - it says 'Labels" - if it's not there let me know and I'll figure out how to turn the option on.
    Wrensong - Thank you! I am glad I have you hooked. Now to keep em coming.... hummmm
    BKM - I usually write on an IBM Selctric III typewriter but use longhand when out and the right combination of words floats across the brain. I always carry a notebook and a pencil or pen - normally pencil, just in case and I would say about 10% of my work gets started this way. Another 5% will get started while I am in bed and unwilling to go to the writing room, so there is always a notebook there as well. I have been writing more and more on the computer itself lately and am getting used to it but still prefer the typer.

  5. oh, and yes - leave it open at the end, absolutely, I reread it without the last three words and it worked perfectly for me. I am glad to know you can take some helpful critique. In the past, a few of my poems were made great by someone willing to express their idea of how it could be better. I am always grateful for it.

  6. I want to sing off key to the moon again
    the stars don't mind

  7. It's a different world that most people never see. I've always been very comfortable late at night (or in the pre-dawn).
    I like this poem a great deal Jhon.

  8. You are incredible. That was really good stuff.


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