Saturday, January 1, 2011

Here is an image.

Happy New Year all - please party wildly and in some unorthodox way.

Kiss a stranger.
make love wildly.
drink to the kind of excess that makes you not drink for another year.
Stay off the roads and avoid police roadblocks.
play the piano until your fingers bleed.
I once got drunk on new years in Trafalgar Square,
if your there - get naked - take pictures and send them.
plan to sleep in tomorrow, show up late for work
if you're alone - 
masturbate twice and drink happily.
ladies, pour your own drinks.
don't allow video to trump your good time.
kill the documenter if it makes it to you tube.
be prepared for strong coffee at seven am
do not go skinny dipping, it is still cold,
unless it is warm where you are, then
by all means.
make no resolutions,
just change what needs to be changed.


Don't do what  I would do...

do it twice.

for auld lang syne - J.


  1. LOL, that made me laugh here early on Jan 1 2011.
    Funny yet very true.
    Off to everything twice now...
    Thanks for visiting my blog and Happy New Year!

  2. make love wildly, check.
    stay off roads, check.
    make no resolutions, check.

    Happy new year!!

  3. Happy New Year Jhon!!!!!!

    Love the list I will do at least 4 of the aforementioned..guess which 4..

    I worked until one am, resorted to watching Lady GaGa videos and found myself dancing in an empty office.. Yes, just me and Gus the security Guard. He's a 70 yr old Greek, speaks no English and has no gun..

    But, I did manage to stop @ the store for smokes on the way home, and while in line inhale the alcohol fumes from other partiers.

    So yes, it was a good night!!!!!

    Looking forward to a new year and I'm staying off the icy roads..

    Mazel Tov!

  4. Bugger!!! I was asleep before the New Year began ... can't be good.

  5. *grin*

    slept through it - as is my custom. ;)

    happiest of new years to you, Jhon.

  6. that was funny!
    Happy New Year to you and your family...


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