Friday, January 14, 2011

short thought in form

 I would die
if my
wife did.
tho she does not
believe me, I
fear it is honest.

or –
A disagreement of sorts

I would die,
pass from physical life, cash in, check out,
croak, decease, meet my demise, my maker,
go, depart, drop out, expire, kick it, kick in,
pass away, kick off, peg out, pip, pop off, become extinct,
annihilated, silenced, fall to the long sleep,
snuff it, snuff out, perish, succumb, swelt, go to my fathers ,
breathe my last, shuffle off this mortal coil, give up the ghost,
kick the bucket, cash out my checks, meet my end,
toes up, tits up, push daises,  fail to exist, cease thriving
if my wife did.
tho she does not believe me, I
fear it is honest.

 - Hoc Scripsi


  1. There are loves that require us to live. Hers is such a love.
    Nothing more I can add but I like how you wrote this is in two parts.

  2. This note is totally unrelated to this post:
    I recall when for months I had 4 followers (You, Rabbit, Pat and Anthony) You 4 will forever be my backup band!!

  3. When I lost my husband, I thought I would die too. There was just nothing left for me to carry on for, even though we had only been married for 19 months.
    I don't think the hurt ever goes away, but sometimes it is good to remember the past....others, it is just Hell!

  4. OH my, that is love- it's great to love to that extent, but what if? Please do not think it...
    i usually feel the same about my son... if he died I believe I'd simply kill myself... But we must love ourselves better too..

  5. That is quite a tribute Jhon. I told my wife that I wanted her to die first, so she wouldn't have to suffer without me. It took her a minute or two to really get it...

  6. even thinking about this tears a hole in my soul...but i absolutely *get* this...

  7. When I met her - her very essence breathed life into my heart and forced me to better myself - At the time I was going to join a Buddhist monastery and I quickly abandoned that to be able to live in her beauty and be rescued from this life by her embrace. I have never regretted the decision and everyday I find more of love's true meaning in her eyes.


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