Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 natural disastars kill 295,000 - no word on whether it was religiously motivated...

I have plans today and none of them involve a greater study of physics or the dynamics of mother nature to fuck shit up.

1. Write
2. Therapy
3. Write
4. Love my wife
5. Write a letter to my Aunt
6. Play with my boy
7. Eat less than I did yesterday (I was really a glutton yesterday)
8. Write
9. Do a little research into the affects of Caffeine on abnormal psychosis.
10. Practice some piano with the boy
11. Clean the dishes
12. Read Pearl's new chapbook and more of WCW's autobiography.
13. make a few phone calls

this is in no particular order, you see. I may write all in one block or two - and I cannot be held to a list I make on blogger until I make the list in my notebook which I will not do as I don't want to be help accountable to such an arbitrary thing.

1 comment:

  1. I too need to write..something is heartache=no words..oh christ, does that mean the hallmark gift card special poem is lurking in the back of my brain.. NEVER!!!!

    Happy New Year and enjoy your day!!!


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