Thursday, April 29, 2010

I think that maybe that isn't a very good post in general. Here is a ramble to make up for it.
I started writing what promises to be a long poem yesterday and I don't want to talk about it much now only to say that my mind is in that direction a great deal and moving towards my Aunt Kate who is still in recovery from a hip break/replacement.
The poem has started with the longest lines I've ever written and will probably be a bear just smaller than another poem I've been working on for several years. Today I will sit and just write to see where it takes me.
My Aunt Kate and I correspond with the written word and she has been in hospitals hospitals hospitals against her mind but where else do you go when you break a hip? She is heavily on my mind now as we have been trying to get on another on the phone and have thus far been unsuccessful in this endeavor.
have a headache that awoke me at 3:30 this morning and caused bad dreaming all night long. I went back to sleep around four and have enough sleep while the headache pounds away making my face twitch.
don't know what I need but aspirin, ibuprofen don't cut it.

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