Saturday, April 24, 2010

not about xxx porn on the internet

Happy birthday Willem de Kooning. Love your stuff. 

no matter how long I live, life will be painfully short.
at times it has been painfully long.
even if I live to be  centurian, then dying of
old age,
how is life regarded and why is death not our inevitable friend.

- Hoc Scripsi

the fine art of the mea culpa

as I try to right my life
and hone my influences
there seems less to write about.
plenty of the ol’ inspira
but none of the drama.
none of the cascading
disappointments or pie unreachable.
no more life without happiness.

hard to admit,
that so much poetry can
only be written by the
chronically dissatisfied.

harder to admit
that this is preferential
to the former,
or that the former is
not missed.

and I am waiting for
my shoelace to break.

 - Hoc Scripsi

I wrote the above poem not from personal view as at the time I was slipping into a deep depression where I would subsist for several years but from the one where the writer can only write about being sad and never from the perspective of any other emotion. Like death would always bring about the birth of bards. bullshit.
On writing - the clearer my mind gets the better the writing gets, the easier it is to do. It may be that I write only because I have mental instability, diagnosed mental illness, that I am able to write but but but, I take medication to curb these effects so I am not affected - only inflicted.
Basically what I am saying is that most other writers are full of shit.
maybe I am too.


  1. Loved the lines “hard to admit, / that so much poetry can / only be written by the / chronically dissatisfied.” It’s like, if a poet were to get rid of his dissatisfaction, his muse would take flight as well. As PB Shelley writes in ‘To a Skylark,’ “We look back and after, / And pine for what is not: / Our sincerest laughter / With some pain is fraught; / Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thought.”

  2. jhon...
    Anybody can wax poetic over a flower or happiness, but it isn't anything I want to read. There's no feeling in it for me.

    To me, the best song lyrics, the best poetry, and the best stories, come from painful or ironic reflection.


  3. Happiness is the pinnacle of Bullshit as are the sentimental sad poems. I like the dark as well because it is honest.
    and your right anyone can write a poem about flowers - how many can write a poem about a particular flower?
    I was in a real mood that day, as I get in when I am subjected to people's work created when they thought they were a little sad. I guess what I am saying is that I don't like poetry about sadness or happiness. I like poetry that is real and emotions like that are convenient and petty and when real people feel them and are bored - people who think those feelings are true and reality are boring people. I should shut up before I lose a few readers. Then again, it takes all kinds now don't it.


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