Friday, September 17, 2010


I struggle under the weight of my many magazine subscriptions.


  1. I stopped my subscrptions because I never had time to read most of the magazine. Wish I hadn't gotten rid of the old issues, though. I could have used them for a collage I'm working on.

  2. i have zero now.. and threw out many boxes when i moved.. i feel lost without them...not like i ever went back to read themm..

  3. I read all the ones I get - which may indeed be the problem. I can only measure things by the time magazine effect and cannot align my mentality with that of The Atlantic or The New Yorker but my subs to American Iron and fine woodworking typically make me happy - at least until Forbes arrives or the new Mac World - which this all just twists me up. Thankfully I have National Geo and the Smithsonian... I really could go on with this.

  4. I'm down to Nat Geo and Classic Trucks...
    Sometimes I go to the libray and browse their mags...

  5. oh yeah...
    I'm about half way through your book. I'm going on another road trip at the end of next week, I'm saying the rest of the book for then.

    Loving it...


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