Saturday, September 18, 2010

Book Release

inviting a few hundred people to my home on Oct 9th... holy babies bathwater, If I forgot to invite anyone that is around the northern Illinois area let me know and I will amend asap.
It is going to be like an open house as I am not sure that I can cram them all into my house at once without risking smaller peoples being crushed, on the other hand I do not believe that the majority will come, they never do.

selection from the book.

this is a dislocation

this is a

a skillful assemblage of
etceteras and

a cycle of soul drummers
and southern chicken sacrifices at
the front gate of Graceland

a loose impersonation of self
overlooking and
never sighting self

Our culture is jazz, blues
and poor elocution

a fragility of coffee house
poets and the war

together-colored and successfully
uncollected disaffected ice cream eaters

 - Hoc Scripsi


  1. I am thoroughly enjoying the book. it is on my bookshelf(well desk) at work and i read a new selection during lunch.. excellent work Jhon..

    you and your family enjoy the open house and watch out for people wearing sandals so no lawsuits ensue from stepped-on toes..Enjoy!!!

  2. Thank you trixie -
    Lynne, got it - show the door to the sandal wearing after I've run out of spare steel toed booties.

  3. If I was closer, I'd be there. I would really like to meet you and congratulate you in person.


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