Sunday, September 5, 2010

comment I made in a another blog - now out of context it seems....

I have no problem passing judgment on others all in reference to what shade of blue they wear. Some shades are just simply hideous on certain people and they should be lit on fire.


  1. Oh crissakes.. all i can do is laugh.. so true brother Jhon.. I mean somethings just need to be remarked upon.... (I'm still laughing my behind off at your remark..hilarious)

  2. Haha! Love this comment! Totally agree, too. :)

  3. can I please post this on my FB page(i'll link it to you?)

  4. awesome.. best thing I have read in awhile.. i love good, clean sarcasm!!!!

    Thanks Jhon!!!

  5. Update: Posted this to FB.. one person said and I quote:
    " He must be gay. Only a gay man would make such a distinct obervation. BTW, I am gay and liked this"...



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