Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'm behind on everything - even sleep.

Jackson, my son is sick so the wife and I have not been sleeping and might as well be sick. O, to live in a sick house.

I've two major poems to finish and two letters to write - one to my lovely Aunt Kate who does not deserve to have me fall behind on my letters to her and another to a fellow writer who wants to get in on the mid twentieth century communication kick.

the book is out and selling well enough, (they make excellent Christmas presents  - or Hanukkah gifts as well) and I would like to thank the people that have helped to get it further out there - thank you. Send me a photo or picture and I will link to your blog on my page here. It's the least I could do.

napping now before I go to the DMV and register my truck - I have one more day until I am more behind on that then I can afford.

the tulips surrender
in the fall
the tulip surrender

 - hoc scripsi


  1. Sorry for the sick loved ones.. don't feel bad, this idiot has waited all moth to only have to be at the DMV before the birds rise to take my place in line.. when I have had the funds all month.. i feel ya..

    thx for the update..

  2. i am surprised, you have a pen pal. i never had that.

  3. Ah... i hate when my kid is sick. I just know ... know ... that I'll have it in mere days.

    hang in there. Congrats again on the book...

  4. Now I get it...
    I've been on vacation and now I'm trying to catch up. I read the follow-up post first. Being as A.D.D. as I am. I had trouble following it. Now I get it... when I have even that much stuff going on, I have to make a list!
    Hope everyone is feeling better now...


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