Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Disney is all paid for now, unfortunately not from the awesome royalties from my book.

I trimmed about six inches off my beard and no longer feel... well, like myself.

I no longer look like one of the three wisemen, or is it now wise people?

this is not my good side.

The doctor tells me my knee is failing and since there is an awful lot of hardware keeping my femur together it is rather difficult to get a good look at the problem via traditional methods.

this is a ramble of minor proportions while my wife makes a turkey sandwich for my lunch.

most days I wake up and wonder if I am full of shit.


  1. Only you can do this "ramble" and make it entertaining as hell. So why did you not ask me for those Disney dicount tickets. Hello? I live in Florida.

    so no more Jaquin Phoenix beard? You are MAINSTREAM now...ha!

  2. He will NEVER be mainstream!

  3. Everyday I wake up to my speculation of shit levels and their fullness. I suspect this is why people have morning breath.

    And if it's of any help, I have been hacking about with the scissors at my would be Jewfro and feel much less like my own self as a result...

  4. A good turkey sandwich always gives me a postive attitude adjustment...

  5. Kara, Thank Goodness .. enough mainstream to make one go blind. You will have a great time @ Disney:-)

  6. Lynne, I think you mean joquain had a Jhon Baker beard!
    Rabbit - ahahaha, this may be true about the morning breath
    Pat, only the Peanut Butter and raspberry jam sandwich trumps a good turkey sand for straightening one out.
    I love you baby.


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