Friday, March 12, 2010

Social networking

This morning I am brought to thought about social networking.
In the quest to become a nationally known poet I have been getting more involved on line with people who are in various scenes having to do with writing. I recently befriended this guy who immediately sent me a link to his video about facebook, it isn't in your face funny but humorous commentary and I loved it. Watch the video.

Anyway, here is my poem in reference.

social networking

Walking down the hall in
an apartment complex

toward one-eleven. all the
doors are opened and

the gathered people talking,
some arguing, some passionately,

some with rehearsed discourse.
in one, a throng of party goers

clashing drunkenly to heavy
bumps bumps bumps.

sampling each conversation,
invited to none,

I cannot resist a comment
at each door.

- I wrote this


  1. "sampling each conversation,
    invited to none,"

    But I was invited right? I mean, accepting my friendship and posting for all to see IS an invitation, no? I was given the keys to the apartment building right up front. Maybe we are really only invited to some though? A key to the building but not to each door...just keep moving towards one-eleven. That is where the beauty of social networking decision making has to be appreciated I guess. Knowing when to speak up and knowing when not to.

    Anyways...good stuff Jhon.


  2. Good point, I think your talking about having quality savoir faire which in all honesty I can pretend to possess but in fact I do not. I like reading your comment as you existentially talk yourself through to the answer, this is what social networking has given us, thoughts broadcast to the throng of believers.


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