Friday, March 19, 2010


So, I am going on a vacation. My first since driving to California those many years ago. My family's first vacation as well. Why do I relate this before anything has actually occurred? well, the posting may be sporadic, and I think that Sat and Sun are out as we will be on the road and no telling about Wi-Fi areas or my tiredness once we get to the hotels which do have Wi-Fi, if I am too tired the writing is schizophrenic, enjoyable it may be but not representative. 
So, today what is there? I need to take my Tom Tom and shove it up Tom's ass as I can't seem to get it to function properly and so we are going  old fashioned and using maps. Reading Maps is a lost art but both Kara and I can do it with varying degrees of success. When I get home from the trip I think I'll take my .45 and see what kind of damage it does to the navigator.

Forget that the kitchen is so full of knives

Forget that the kitchen is full of knives.
You are so serious and
I worry because I love you.
The watches are broken with dead batteries
filling the catchall in the hallway;
how do you use up so much nickel-hydride?
You are so beautiful and I
masturbate when I think of you,
specifically on the couch,
in mid-afternoon when you are at work.

oh yeah, thanks for the paper.

- I wrote this

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