Wednesday, March 24, 2010

thinking that small, hole in the walls are better for overnights than a Hilton.

I only wish we had made reservations at some off beat hole in the wall instead of Hilton's  Hotels. The service leaves much to be desired and there is nothing close to a feeling of comfort for us.
Today we climbed the large hill to the Wright Brothers Memorial and walked the 836 feet that compromised the fourth flight. In all we walked just under three miles according to the folks at the museum. I killed myself doing so and now cannot walk without using two canes instead of the normal one. It is only 4:40 ish and I am ready to go to bed.
I love this Concerto, I only listen to Classical or Jazz when I write, if I listen to anything at all. Hearing others words only obfuscates my own intention. A lot of my work ends up have a tint of a great composer or musician to it, This is also why most of my work is not in a standard meter, Classical fans and Jazz fans usually find the beat.


caught up in
Bruch’s violin concerto
no. 1 – in g min., the adagio,
five minutes into
brings tears to eyes
swell to chest
at six minutes a near resolution
but turning, turning
at seven minutes I want
to put a gun to my head,
in my mouth,
but it is only

- I wrote this.

The ocean view in this hotel is beautiful and I think that we may stay in tomorrow, skip DC and go home.
Don't forget to visit here for my Theater Underground publication, titled 'why don't they shoot more poets?'  This is possibly my favorite title of my more recent endeavors, and I do believe it. We, as poets, need to be more of a threat to whatever it is that wishes our work to distract the populace.

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