Thursday, June 2, 2011

a day in the life

was with the same insurance company for about 14 years on the cars and cycle. Last August when I bought a new bike they quoted me three times what the same policy had cost four years before on a then new bike of the same make and model - I didn't go with them on that - when it came time for house and renter property insurance I went with the same company and although I thought it was high I went with it because what the fuck did I know - well just switched away from them and saved on the cars and houses about 1600 a year - haven't switched the Harley insurance because as of right now I am insuring through Harley and who knows motorcycles better then they?WIth the former company I insured through they would up my premiums every six months and I had to call and negoiate the rates back down and usually prevailed in getting them lower than they were the 6 months previous - yea for me but what a waste of time every six months.
Lesson - want to save money? shop around the insurance and give the big names a try - they will surprise you. I did not go with any company that hadn't been in the business for decades - nor did I go with any that advertised any specific or non-binding % off current coverage.

That is enough about the business side of life...

on the more fun side I have been on a lego building kick for a few weeks and am about to complete the Death Star which I received as a gift two Christmases ago. I love Lego and couldn't think of any better way to wind down the extremely busy weeks that have compromised the last two months - well, Lego and going to the range tomorrow with a good friend, Kevin. We are partners in pain - physical pain, not mental - physical which fucks with us mentally continually.

Not the best poet and certainly not nearly as entertaining as Pearl or Micael - but it will have to do.

a poem perhaps?

only sleep eases pain

only sleep eases pain

pain defines.

joy, happiness, collusion
love even distrust,
having dreams, night terrors, delusions.
all are unknown in entirety.

“how perfectly goddamned delightful it is
to be sure.”

every moments considered
length is by pains
varying degree.

 - Hoc Scripsi


  1. The first section is a poetry all its own.

  2. insurance drives me mad....been paying car insurance for over a decade and have made ZERO! claims. I'm such a sucka!

    f that gecko!


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