Wednesday, June 15, 2011

four fingers

sleep sleep - where are you now? on Benedryl max strength, ultram, cymbalta and norco - I should have passed out mid OJ guzzle - maybe to add whiskey.

I love for southern France,
with my wife,
beautiful and windy
like chicago,
but more beautiful,
like my wife.

 - this at one thirty-six am, drunk off medications, OJ but no whiskey. - I'll take four fingers of your finest, please.


  1. This is tight - gritty and beautiful. Love this blog JB.

  2. I'm generally a 3 finger pour boy, but who am I kidding.....I will certainly accept four.


  3. loverly words.. and i'm a 1.5 finger girl myself..have to keep my sensibilities and all:-)


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