Thursday, June 30, 2011

night of the long knives

1934 - a total usurpation of power in Germany.
and I've yet to visit the Holocaust Museum in Skokie, Il.

This will be amended quite soon as I have always meant to go but not wanted to go.

In the distance there is a truck backing down a driveway and somewhere near here there are baby raccoons looking forward to a life of hiding and eating garbage.


  1. I understand...
    There's a big Holocaust museum in Los Angleles, I've been told that is overwhelming...

  2. I have been to the Holocaust museum before here(St Petersburg) I was so overwhelmed I promptly left and got quite drunk.. I'm glad I went..

  3. i didn't make it away from the Vietnam wall in Washington without turning into a blubbering mess -- i think a Holocaust museum would know.

    i should go, though.

    everyone should.

    mail is back....letter to be posted Monday as, conveniently, it's a holiday tomorrow.



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