Monday, October 11, 2010

theme on a variation

I keep waiting for someone to come by and offer to amputate my leg for a few hundred bucks. Or isn't this why I keep that in cash on my person at all times?

I assume such a person wouldn't accept a check or a major credit card and I don't think I would want to pay with either of those anyway.

this month I am seeing Roger Waters play The Wall in Ohio and Bob Dylan in Chicago. I normally don't get out this much. A few days after Dylan we are boarding a plane and heading to Disney. I may burn from the abundance of exposure, or be inspired by a six foot tall rat and his cronies.

a ladybug landed on my thumb and hung out for a few minutes and later ten miles away another ladybug landed on my gas tank and stuck with me for a few miles or it all might have been an opiate induced hallucination (all prescribed and taken as directed).

when in the company of fools
in the throes of poetry I have composed the better of myself onto fine paper using an antiquated office machine.

again, now
Coffee always tastes good at 10:21 pm. I prefer Orange Juice and oral sex in the morning.


  1. I've never felt more in touch with someone elses writing. I can really relate to this...

  2. Bet you get tired of seeing my footprint..
    But write what is real in your life and that is the best anyone can hope to read..
    You just a jet-setting poet now aren't you?
    Say hi to The mickster for us !!!

  3. Shhhh... Don't tell anyone. I love Disney... I stay at The Boardwalk. It's modeled after Atlantic City during the roaring 20s with hot jazz piped in throughout the property. Even a brew pub on premises...


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