Saturday, October 2, 2010

I have nothing

I have something great to say, something that may be construed as important - I swear that I am trying to get it out and can promise you it is several pages right now and missing a potential several pages more.

I did write a new short poem recently and got partially caught up - one letter down and the truck is properly registered. Reality tells me that I've also gotten caught up on a third unmentioned letter but this was only prompted by the receiver making a preemptive e-mail and being quite kind. An old friend wrote me that I have been meaning to reach out to and was only failing with how - well, that's done now and onto the next thing.

wrestling with this several pages or ignoring it still and try writing something new.


  1. nothing is something....

  2. Or as my granddaughter said when she was three years old and angry..."Everything is nothing..."

  3. sounds exciting! forward momentum is great!

  4. As for every writer, a lot can come out of seemingly nothing.
    hugs Heidi


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