Friday, October 15, 2010

Danse Macrabe, Op. 40

I just need a few words to start me off and I'll be running.
I made the mistake of getting out of bed today, I'm not looking for sympathy because fuck that. nearly every step today is as unbearable as the last one and as where I've medicated myself to the highest highs I still am clear thinking and in pain.
Lying down now and resting after a long day of doing nothing with nothing and not in a good Buddhist way or Taoist way either I wonder what I really need. I am convinced it is a few words - the right words and I'll be off running. the fingers long to fly at the typewriter no matter what my little thigh thinks about it.
I long to do the tango in the kitchen.
I long to drink coffee whilst laying down and not spilling thus burning my hairy chest.
why are Breast and Chest spelled differently at the est part? Maybe it''s that since breasts are universally nicer than just a chest they get an extra A -
the red walls bring me focus and I notice a small drip in the paint.
Checking with the TSA I've learned that I don't need any medical documentation for the medications, my ortho Frankenstein shoe or the metal in my leg. Interesting, I thought to myself, and said aloud - well, that's done.


  1. While I have no leg pains or meds to take, i feel you on this.. I have a longing for "him" so deep i do believe i have drilled for oil..several times..
    you will have a wonderful trip..and be relaxed and come home full of words..

    just your everyday thoughts are enormous words...

  2. know that all geniuses had their ills, right? Nietzsche and Cioran, to name just two... :), so...why should you be any different? in the and, this lack of perfection make one reach for perfection...

    yet, this is discourse...and mere words, and the pain is still there...pain cannot be talked away...or can it?

    All the best!

  3. Hang in there buddy, there's got to be a clear day every once in a while.

  4. That's a lot of honest words. I enjoyed your observations on the difference between 'breast and chest'. The English language is such a funny beast.

  5. Yes.

    Very much and absolutely yes.

    This is a definite (and all to familiar) favourite.

  6. Thank you for the tears Jhon. I hope your tomorrows are filled with the few words you're searching for.
    All of my care and respect,


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