Thursday, February 11, 2010

be genuine

brother of mine, be gauche
with life and lovers, or
be of self who is unrepentant
and glory filled
with no collections
or continued sadness.

be gauche with intellectuals
and presume yourself one in
belonging or
be honest and forgive
yourself these lies.

- I wrote this

After leaving the Visitation of an old friend and returning home I have learned that one of my favorite poems will be published on or around Feb 25th in the second issue of Rejection Digest.
a link -
I will post the link to my actual work once it has gone up. Even though the poem has been rejected by an a lot of publishers I am quite happy that it has been picked up by Rejection Digest. What could be better? The news was most certainly well timed as today there was the visitation and I am struggling to word a poem for the first time in years.

'I sketch umbrellas to remind or Juan Grande Pecador'  is one of my prized poems and I am very happy to see it out there where just anyone may bump into it.

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