Sunday, January 1, 2012

a new 2012 and the year of the Dragon to boot

live with abandon
love freely
hate no-one for it uses up energy that can be used for other things
try something new -
try something old -
try things -

try everything, and if you are really into it - try it twice.
make no resolutions - for they are set-ups for failure
if it needs changing - change it regardless of what time of year it is.
party wildly and in some unorthodox way.
don't wait for them to come to you, they might not.
if you still hold out hope - don't abandon it but accept its fruition may never come to pass.
don't look for Atlantis, Plato made it up and says as much, create your own Atlantis.
challenge the irrational laws - challenge the rational ones too.
start a swear jar to enable you to travel somewhere exotic you've never been.
swear a lot.
drink, smoke, fuck wildly and with abandon but only the one you love and that loves you.
don't be "that guy".
remember there will only be one 2012 and be thankful that there was only one 2011.
wish to be only the person that time and experience will make of you.
support a charity, I can easily suggest NRA or HRC - they both get shit done.
ignore the bastards (except me!), most of them will never help you but hinder.
sing in crowded places as if you were alone in the shower where the acoustics make a Pavarotti out of all of us.
but just sing.
make mistakes.
remember that most people have forgotten the mistakes you've made and most people will forget the ones you will inevitably make this year.
so do not be concerned with them.
those who do remember all your mistakes aren't good people to have around unless they are smart and kind enough to have pretended to forget them.
keep a journal or diary. it will be invaluable to your grandchildren or another generation - and if not at least it helped you organize your thoughts of the day and will help you to sleep better.
those who love you are Holy, keep them in your pocket at all times.
also keep spare change to feed expired meters.
time and space are one - so broken watches tell time just as well as others.
remember that.

for auld lang syne. - me

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