Wednesday, January 4, 2012

and I'm still tired. Bukowski suggested that one ought to take a three day nap every now and again to recharge the batteries, being a father and husband does not allow such naps but would I ever indulge if there could be a way.
Two links - you might recognize them from yesterday but then again, you might not..

Take it to the streets
Conjectural Figments

These are both truly good issues put out by two very good publishers containing poetry by good poets and of course - myself - the first has one and arguably two poems depending on how you read them - I wrote it as one and a half so there it is. The second features me as a poet and contains three poems- both contain a lot of good writing besides mine and should be read a few times through for affect/effect.
 - Just for updates sake - Yesterday my truck was broken and my diagnosis was spot on. Now it is fixed and waiting for the next coil to go.
Yesterday I wrote nothing after the blog post and today I think I am going to scribd something - my new years sort of poem.
Writing will become the object of today after I take a shower when I get home from the hospital where my MIL is receiving today's infusion and tomorrow morning will be more of the same while the afternoon finds me in a tattoo parlor getting the design finalized for the next portion of the left arm half sleeve.

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