Tuesday, May 10, 2011

poor poor Shel

Shel, I'll never forgive you for leaving us, as I'll never forgive all those tethered to my heart except the one who left to leave behind her pain.

Shel didn't die those years ago - he just went home.

full moon fifty miles outside Chicago 72° heavy
winds from the should standing under the starry’d night
sky and this is what I’m thinking…

ainsi il va.


  1. Love Shel, too. Love also your poem at the end of this post.

  2. Shel was the first book I ever owned (The Giving Tree, aged 5) - which I still have. Great friend and confidante and inspiration. And he never knew it.

  3. loved shel. Working on a letter to you. First one was a piece of crap. Not sure if this one will be better but it couldn't be worse:) Just wanted to let you know I haven't forgot about you.


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