Monday, November 15, 2010

it feels good to close eyes, putting my head into may arms on the desk. As where I know it is early and the coffee is filling the ache of addiction - a few hours of really good sleep beats none and fails to compare to a nights rest.

propping up my right elbow is an ornate oriental box containing two metal balls containing bells or something that chimes. Right arm cradles the head at a good height so there will be no strain in holding my self correct later.

I need a short nap - my cell phone is charging while I await important phone calls. This combination doesn't suit me at all.

Edit: HA! I just saw that I posted this after three and I reference the time as early - well, I wrote it this morning - fairly early and didn't hit "publish post" until after three - really tired.


  1. Only you can describe something so ordinary and make it poetic.. I kid you not (read my comment about Mister)you and him are eerily similar.. You write, he talked..
    ps- I left a review but not sure how it comes across to readers. If you would like an edit,please let me know.K?

  2. Ok lovely.. just re-read my review..fucking typos..

  3. Thank you for the great review - a few typos but authentic and very much appreciated. Also thank you for the compliment as well!

  4. I'm always amazed at how your "normal' writing is so good and so readable...


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