Saturday, August 14, 2010

post #212

and I hate elevator music.

    Fragrant cyclamen
line the walk, pointing
        toward the sun.

 - Hoc Scripsi

I drink from a coffee cup that I bought while vacationing in the Outer Banks, North Carolina - fittingly, imprinted on the mug is - "North Carolina".
life changes so quickly and every morning I think that if I don't get out of bed it will cease to change at all. Of course I am incorrect, of course I eventually get up, get dressed and enter a day already begun, of course I've missed breakfast.
I love breakfast as I usually eat it with my son who lately has been unable to rouse me from my morning delusion. If only I could get to the mind correcting coffee before I flail about in fantasy land where things only make sense the more schizophrenic it is.

'Frank and Earnest' and "The Other Coast" comic strips have spider punchlines today.


  1. Not that you ask, but I spent all of my childhood summers at the Outer Banks..
    I too flail about and am thinking of hiring someone to help me be more un-flaiable in the am's..

  2. I'm on the other end of the sleep problem. No matter how late I go to bed, I'm often up well before the sun.


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