Saturday, August 14, 2010

i realize that someday I may regret my tattoos. who knows how difficult it is going to be to charm and cajole other octogenarians with sagging tattooed flesh. Maybe the secret will be to continue to gain weight once the skin is no longer elastic until the body is ravaged by diabetes and heart disease only to then regret these errors as I die a painful and premature death before I've even reached the eighth decade.

" I always thought that life would get easier as I aged, and it doesn't."  - a cousin of my deceased father in law.

I feel so much better now.


  1. as an afterthought in answer to the quoted statement - was it ever really that hard to begin with? after all, we all woke up today. well, most of us anyway.

  2. Jhon, I have had to learn that all we have is "now"..not then or tomorrow...
    as a 50th birthday is in 2 weeks.. I am getting a tat....

    embrace life...

  3. I'm thinking, Jhon, that many of the octogenarians you will try to charm may have as many tats as you. And perhaps grommets in the ears lobes and a few hidden piercings to boot. Regret can be postponed for a while. My goal is to get past my sixties successfully...

  4. l figure just making it to "someday" will be accomplishment enough for many of us...

  5. All I know, when I get there with my faded tattoos it will be far too crowded.


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