Wednesday, June 9, 2010

this is my star

waking up slowly today, partially unable to think while I gently sip my coffee. The mind races with things which resolve into nothing concrete enough to really form a post around so I start writing and now the reader knows how this has so far come to have been written.

this is my star
           bewildered and
     hanging over our
this is my star

I am slightly unnerved by thought. I am slightly unnerved by having to mow the lawn later today. I am slightly unnerved by voices traveling around the house at fifty-five mph. I am slightly unnerved by the squeak my shoes make from my habit of bouncing my leg instead of grasping it and crying out in pain. I am slightly unnerved by otherwise kind editors not letting me know if my work has been accepted or not. I am slightly unnerved by the plethora of poems that sit unfinished next to my IBM Selectric III. I am slightly unnerved by the adversaria that my cork board has become.

this is my star
           vainly wishing and
     wishing on planets
     and suns
this is my star

- Hoc Scripsi


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