Friday, April 8, 2011

a few publications of interest

The new issue of Bicycle Review is now out - I strongly encourage everyone to go there and read the issue and pay special attention to a little poem called - still untitled - This issue is the first issue which features Lynne Hayes as an editor and it is an astounding issue.
Also, if you haven't gotten your issue of PigeonBike "trash and crackers" yet I strongly encourage you to do so. By strongly I mean that if you don't I may have to pay you a little visit.

 - me


  1. duly noted...and ordered. ;)

    *wipes brow*

  2. See.. first time I have been over here in months and i see you praising me.. Thank you.. and I was so pleased to see your words in Bicycle review and to also be in the same submission as you in Pigeon Bike..

    Isn't this fun?


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