Thursday, May 27, 2010

my second award!

This award is is just simply cool and I am honored to receive it. Thank you Patrick Tillett for this honorific!

I can only hope now that my blog continues to live up to this.
fingers crossed and oh yeah,

no flash photography please.


  1. you are
    a nugget
    lost amid a pile of
    mindless scree
    that attempt
    but can't do
    what you do

    Jhon, you deserve much more than this little thing. Some day you are gonna get discovered.

    I'll be back soon, I have some catching up to do here...

  2. Thank you my friend - I can only hope you are correct.

  3. Enjoying your blog, JB. Good going.

  4. Thank you! I am glad that you are enjoying it.It's the comments that keep me willing to write it everyday, that and I need somewhere to shake loose the mornings mind.


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