Friday, May 7, 2010

I have visionary angelic superstitions

A storm started last night around 2 am, or so that is around when it woke me up, only temporarily as I sleep well to the white noise of hard rain. It continues in earnest now threatening to wet our hair and jackets as we begin our day of juvenile doctor appointment, ophthalmologist appointments, various other things planned for me by wife, hopefully to get lunch at my favorite family restaurant which I haven't been to much since we moved away from it, there is a little pistol that I have to pick up purchased 67 hours ago, or thereabout.
This is life, not always exciting, not boring - just is and it keeps going for now.

I imagine dozens of winged seraphs standing erect, flanking me as I am a poet and necessary.
my history of surviving deathly situations may well prove this out.


my breath stinks
my armpits smell
my stomach aches

I am not the man I thought I was
better to be dead
then have to spend a

lifetime dying. but
I’d be awkward as anyone
else in anyother life

so there is only
this and
with all,

it perseveres.

I cannot wash the
stain of maleness
off my clothes

I am not the man I ought to have been
only recently realizing
that I have to obliterate all

that should not be known
or read, less it be known
and read.

and still,

my breath stinks,
my armpits smell.
my stomach aches.

- Hoc Scripsi


  1. the cards are dealt, we play them the best we can.
    I'm looking forward to the day you publish a book

  2. thank you much Pat, I am also looking forward to that day, I see that you have decided to start reading from the start of my blog, I often wondered if anyone would do that and now you have paid me this excellent compliment. Thank you.


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