Friday, July 8, 2011

Moving day

moving day has arrived and there are posts there that are not here.
I've decided to stretch my legs with WordPress a bit. I have been dissatisfied with blogger and all the recent changes to the dashboard and posting pages and such are enough to drive me batty. It isn't that I abhor change but I do like to be involved and have a bit of a say - especially when it comes to a platform that I am used to using. I will maintain this blog in addition to mental slip but will be posting at WordPress and combining those two blogs.
it is easy to find the new/moved blog - just type into your address bar or click - - sign up for e-mail notification and never miss a post. I make no promises about posting regularity or profundity of poetry only that I will still be the proletariat  poet and prostitute.
how's that for alliteration?

it will be a grand adventure - but now, I am off to the pistol range to continue breaking in my new 1911 Range Officer and 1911 GI compact.

life is good.


  1. good luck w/ the move....I'll come visit your new digs.

  2. I shall follow you and be there to post my witty, boring, sometimes heartfelt comments on your always witty, never boring, heartfelt posts and poems.

    Best of luck in your new house!!!


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