Sunday, February 6, 2011

more snow but I did nothing about it

a few more inches or nearly a few inches - I did not step outside today.
I have little to add. Little to express. It is Sunday and I have spent a few hours in my writing room and have not smoked enough or drunken enough coffee to be nearly genius enough to keep going. So the blog suffers.
my mind suffers, but what is new?


  1. I have not written anything new in weeks..have smoked too much and drank way too much java. I am hoping this week to correct all three issues.

    do not fret, your mind needs a break..
    (letter is enroute)

  2. Suffering is good for you. :-) At least, that's what my dad always said.

    I, too, suffered this weekend! Between the pink eye, perpetually dry throat, and the self-doubt that creeped in a couple weeks ago and will not leave me alone, I feel rather suffer-y.

    I feel better today. I hope you do as well.


  3. I recognize these feelings!

    Perhaps today will be a good day for words and what nots.

  4. I'm right there with you. I can't concentrate on anything. Maybe I "recovered" from my surgery a bit too soon...

  5. the fizzle of creativity always can find friends!


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