Monday, September 20, 2010


I think what I need to do is to come up with a long list of possible topics and/or post titles - this way I will not be sitting here trying to think of what great or insignificant piece of knowledge/experience would best be displayed on this page.
I wouldn't mind your suggestions, i.e. what would you like to read my current opinion on.
One post I have planned but not the will to write is what I am trying to do with poetry. More or less a short treatise on what I believe makes good, lasting work.

this poem holds no bearing on the former post.


one hand moves swiftly against the other,
(a final act of
a final act of
wisping eagerly
against the fiddling wind

life dropping,
on tiled, unclean
bathroom floors.

 - Hoc Scripsi


  1. hi jhon, did you know i have a book coming out just in time for AWP DC called Unfinished? in it, i finished 21 stories by other writers, stories they couldn't or wouldn't finish, abandoned stories, sad stories, but gladly, they're not so sad anymore now that they're finished!

    the fab debra di blasi & her stellar press jaded ibis are putting it out. look for it.

  2. i would like to read your opinion on Fatherhood.. anything..well you did ask, right?

    great poem ....

  3. Lily, I will indeed look for it - I've read your other two already and believe that this concept is pretty neat.
    Lynne, Fatherhood - got it, I will add it to the list!


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