Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I don’t cook soup often
and it bothers me to have to do it
I don’t know why
maybe it’s that I don’t eat soups
unless they are served to me and made of
yesterdays grease, cream and uneaten chicken
or pork
but my son likes it for lunch and it’s
good for him
so his mother heats it, adding the can of water
and stirring

he eats hot food
I clean the dishes in hot water
my wife checks her e-mail

everybody’s happy

- Hoc Scripsi


  1. everybody but the chicken, that is...

  2. i make a mean pot of she-crab soup, and minestrone, and cream of potato w/bacon and...
    sorry, got carried away..
    Nice day you had..

  3. they say the way to a mans heart is through is stomach

  4. Nice flow, Jhon... I love the slice o life.

    ... I hate making soup, too...

  5. Pat - True! I think I would have named the chicken Henry. I don't know why.
    Lynne, bacon ummmmm, I've learned to like soup when I can have it served mostly my wife's cream of Chicken Soup - delicious and fattening - made with love and a dead chicken.
    Anon, I always thought it was through his chest but the stomach works just as well,
    Anthony, Thank you much, I don't know what it is about making soup that I'd rather not eat at all.

  6. Ah! I loved this little vignette! I have very similar feelings towards soup.

  7. Thank you Talli, I wonder what it is about soup?


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